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G.S. Rathore belongs to Merta family, Jodhpur District and was born in Alwar, Rajasthan in 1957. He started his career developing extra ordinary things in new and innovative ways in the field of Mechanical Engineering three years before he completed his B.Com from Delhi University. He did not attend any Engineering/Technical education course but has an inborn ability to understand the machine & engineering world and develop excellent products.

Rathore believes that one can learn something from almost everyone, including nature, birds and animals and he applies this belief first to his own life, learning from everyone and everything as he progresses on the path of life.

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We are Professional Team

Before our machines can make their mark on the jobsite, it takes a team of tenacious professionals to help make it happen.

We build with love

Love seeing the work in progress. After seed every in fill Beginning under dominion sea day fifth bring you'll creature waters.

We deliver on time

The amazing method that ensures you are always on time for everything from now on. Being on time is crucial to daily life!

Do you need Professionals to project and build your dream?

We offer the best engineers and builders to make your dreams come true.